giovedì 23 aprile 2015

Zenescope Interview.

ROBYN HOOD - cover#12, colors by Ylenia da Napoli

Roberta Ingranata | Interior Artist
ZE: How long have you been working in comics?
RI: I started three years ago for Italian comics and since the last November for American comics.
[IT] In Italia da tre anni, in America da Novembre scorso. 
ZE: What age did you realize you wanted to be an artist as a career?RI: Since I was a child. I was born thinking “I’m gonna be an artist… or a paratrooper.” Well, I think the second choice would be easier than make comics.
[IT] Quando ero piccola. Sono nata con l'idea di fare fumetti, o di arruolarmi nella Folgore. A pensarci bene forse sarebbe stato più facile la seconda scelta.
ZE: Who has most inspired you in your art career?
RI: Even if he doesn’t know, the answer is David Messina. Many years ago I met him during an Italian convention, Lucca Comics. When he talked to me, I realized that I want to be apart this world with the same approach he has. That moment, I knew I would have to be polite, professional, and modest, exactly as he is. I would work hard and, if I had the possibility, help young talent to find their way.
[IT] Lui non lo sa, ma David Messina mi ha dedicato cinque minuti del suo tempo durante una fiera in Italia, a Lucca Comics, qualche anno fa. E quel giorno ho capito davvero che avrei voluto essere dall'altra parte del tavolo, essere come lui, professionale e umile, a disegnare per il pubblico e, allo stesso tempo, aiutare una persona qualunque a capire qual era la strada giusta da prendere. 
ZE: What artist has most inspired you?
RI: I follow so many artists that it’s hard to do a list. But, if I should give you one name, I’d say Claire Wendling. I love her art; she’s a great source of inspiration.
[IT]  Io penso di avere molti punti di riferimento, molti artisti che seguo con costanza, non credo di averne solo uno. Ma se dovessi sceglierlo, credo sceglierei Clare Wendling. Amo la sua naturalezza, è una fonte di grande ispirazione.
ZE: Have you ever had a mentor? If so, Who?
RI: I don’t know if I could call him a mentor, but Alfio Buscaglia (Glénat Editions – Sergio Bonelli Editore) was the first one to help me when I bought my Cintiq. And, most of all, he was the first to help me when I was panicked. Every Saturday I went to his study to have a cup of tea with him and his dog Zoe. Those were perfect times. I remember it was rainingaaaaall the time.I should say thanks to Michael Woods too. He was my first foreign contact, and it was Alfio who recommended me to him. Michael is great, he had the patience to explain to me how to work for American comics… and he even gave me my first American work!
[IT] Io non so se posso chiamarlo Mentore, ma Alfio Buscaglia (Glénat Editions - Bonelli) ha avuto la pazienza di seguirmi quando ho deciso di passare dalla carta al digitale. Lui mi ha accompagnato nell'acquisto della mia prima cintiq e l'ha installata sul mio pc, quando il panico si era impadronito di me. Ogni sabato c'era il tè caldo e Zoe, il suo cane, ad aspettarmi in studio. Pioveva SEMPRE. E Michael Woods, è stato il primo contatto estero passatomi di Alfio Buscaglia, ho legato molto con lui. E' stata la prima persona a spiegarmi come si lavora all'estero, a farmi lavorare per l'estero, io credo di dovergli molto.
ZE: What time period and where would you visit if you had a time machine? Why?
RI: There’s a part of me who wants to travel back in time in the Louis XIV’s age. I love Versaille, and I wish I could follow the etiquette of that great court, with all those magnificent dresses. But, also, there’s a part of me who’d like to fight shoulder to shoulder with Che Guevara, in Bolivia, spending my life to fight for human freedom. Another part of me would visit Great Britain, to fight with the suffragettes for the women emancipation. 
[IT] Il mio lato mondano vorrebbe tornare all'età d'oro di Luigi XIV, a Versaille, immersa nel lusso a dilettarmi con le venti forme diverse di galateo. Il lato ribelle al fianco di Guevara, in Bolivia, a combattere e fuggire nei boschi. Il mio lato politico visiterebbe il Regno Unito, al fianco delle Suffragette, rivendicando a gran voce il diritto di voto, di emancipazione femminile, di semplice esistenza. 

ZE: What would the title of your autobiography be?

RI: History of a Girl Dead in Poverty. She bought more comics than she drew.
[IT] Una donna che è morta povera perché comprava più fumetti di quelli che disegnava.
ZE: What would I find in your fridge right now?
RI: Sushi! Or, to say it better: SUSHI!
[IT] Sushi! Anzi, no, SUSHI!

ZE: What’s your favorite movie all time if you had to pick one?
RI: The Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects”. Because anybody can understand the movie until the end. And he who says he did, is lying.
[IT] I soliti sospetti. Perché nessuno ci ha capito niente prima della fine. E chi dice il contrario, mente.
ZE: What actor would play you in a movie?
RI: Laura Carmichael. I love her in Downtown Abbey.
[IT] Laura Carmichael. Io la adoro in Downtown Abbey. 
ZE: What’s your craziest convention story?
RI: Every time that anyone hugs me and kisses me and talks to me… and I really, really don’t know who he is.
[IT] Ogni volta che la gente mi abbraccia, mi saluta, mi bacia, e io non ho la minima idea di chi sia.
ZE: If you could sing one song on the Voice, what would it be and Why?RI: Oh, no, please… do not let me sing. Never. For your safety.
[IT] Per favore, non fatemi cantare. Mai. Per la vostra salvezza.
ZE: What is the best compliment you ever received?
RI: “You’re a rock.”
[IT] "Sei una roccia". 
ZE: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?RI: Nutella. But the truth is that I have a food intolerance to Nutella, so… problem solved!
[IT] Nutella. Ma io sono allergica, quindi morirei prima che mi nausei.
ZE: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
RI: Maggie Smith.
ZE: What is your favorite band of all time?
RI: Queen.
ZE: Who is your favorite solo act of all time?
RI: Elvis Presley.
ZE: What Comic Con do you most enjoy traveling to?
RI: I never visited an American Convention, but I will this year! Do you mind If I ask you to wait for the answer?
[IT]Non ho mai visitato nessuna Fiera Americana di Fumetti, ma credo che lo farò quest'anno. 

ZE: You can pick any 3 FAMOUS people to have dinner with, living or dead, who do you choose?
RI: Jung, because I have a couple of questions for him. Rita Levi Montalcini, I’d like to tell her how much I admire what she did for humanity. And Kurt Cobain, because… uhm… he was the coolest guy on earth.
[IT] Jung, io avrei un paio di domande da fargli. Rita Levi Montalcini, vorrei dirle di persona quanto la ammiri. Cobain Kurt, uhm, è figo?
ZE: Do you workout? If so, what is your favorite workout routine?
RI: Yoga. Because I can do it wearing pyjamas.
[IT] Yoga. Perché posso farlo in pigiama. 
ZE: What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
RI: Reading. Reading a lot.
[IT] Leggere. Tanto. 
ZE: If you could switch places with someone for a week, who would it be? Why?
RI: An outlying place, to visit with my boyfriend. A place full of nature and lots and lots of wild animals. I totally love nature.
[IT] Col mio ragazzo in qualche landa sperduta nel mondo, con tanto verde e tanti animali selvatici.
ZE: who is your favorite comic book character of all time?
RI: Constantine – Hellblazer.
ZE: who is your favorite Zenescope comic book character to draw or color
RI: I love the Rotter, a new Robyn Hood Ongoing” character. I fell in love with him since the first time I saw – or better, I read – him.[
IT] The Rotter, un nuovo personaggio di Robyn Hood. Io credo di essere segretamente innamorata di lui.
ZE: You can choose any one super power. What is it? Why?
RI: May I sleep and work at the same time? Think about it, life would be so much easier.
[IT] Posso dormire e lavorare insieme? Pensateci, la vita sarebbe più semplice.